Temples are the small flat areas that sit at the edge of your brows, running up to the tip of your ears and back to your hairline. In our younger years, temples are typically plump and full, cushioning the face from the bone, and sweeping softly, downwards into a thinner jaw. This creates the much celebrated ‘heart-shaped face’ in women and a solidly defined upper face in men. Full face temples are therefore key when it comes to creating a well-shaped and balanced facial appearance.

Like all facial characteristics, temples affect the structures surrounding them, so by re-volumising this area, face roundness is restored. By strengthening scaffolding, the mid to lower half of the face, like the cheeks and nose-to-mouth lines are also minimised.

Treatment typically lasts between 6 and 12 months and varies considerably from patient to patient.

  • 2ml - $1500

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    Each client is unique; therefore, your treatment plan should be, too. Francine works one on one using a combination of in-clinic treatments, home regimes, lifestyle and nutritional knowledge to ensure the results you've always hoped for.