Classified the world’s leading professional depigmentation method, Cosmelan reduces the appearance of pigmentation by up to 95%. The unique, two-fold action targets and treats pigmentation whilst regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting, and controlling the appearance of new dark spots, blemishes and irregularities. Cosmelan can be used on all skin phototypes from dark to fair hair.


Patients often see improvements in skin tone after just 1 week and full results about 4-to-5 weeks post treatment.

Of course, with such drastic results comes a little more downtime than most treatments. Clients can expect up to 10 days of shedding, peeling and redness with more intensity in the first 3 – 4 days.

WARNING: Pigmentation will return to its former self unless diligent sun protection and ongoing use of Cosmelan 2 is adhered to. For clients with light to medium pigmentation, these methods should prove enough to keep pigmentation at bay indefinitely, meaning just one Cosmelan treatment is required. For those with more severe pigmentation (like our client pictured), two initial Cosmelan treatments may be required to reach the desired result, and then one per annum in addition to sunscreen and Cosmelan 2. Of course, every complexion is unique, so results/maintenance may vary.

  • Price: $1400.00
  • Duration: 45 mins

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Each client is unique; therefore, your treatment plan should be, too. Francine works one on one using a combination of in-clinic treatments, home regimes, lifestyle and nutritional knowledge to ensure the results you've always hoped for.