beauty in numbers

Introducing our first official MISS FRANC campaign, Beauty in Numbers.

The image and motion series is a celebration of our journey through life: The evolution of beauty in all of us. With each decade comes a unique set of requirements and expert artistic eye, both of which Francine is well qualified.

First up, the 20s.

“This is the prime demographic for getting started on a little lip tweak and importantly, a really good skincare regime. Mid-twenties (28) is when our cell turnover starts to get a little sluggish, so a simple two-to-three step cosmeceutical routine containing brightening and anti-oxidant serums is what it’s all about,” says Francine.

“The MISS FRANC signature deep clean facial is perfect for clients in their 20s and should be supported by regular LED lights (particularly for problematic skin types). Laser treatments aren’t required yet and again, depending on skin type, a peel here and there can be helpful. For those with beautiful skin I recommend a facial every 8 weeks, or for those that need a little assistance with acne, rosacea and so on, every 2 weeks until we get the condition under control.”

“I generally avoid treating with botox in the earlier stages of this age group, however all such treatments are by assessment of course.”

Next, the 30s (and a little love for the boys!):

“As we move into the 30s we start to introduce more anti-wrinkle treatment to different parts of the face – frown lines and crows’ feet to give a more open eye effect. Depending on animation and how strong the muscle is, we may begin to treat the forehead area also,” says Francine.

“When it comes to skincare it’s time to ramp things up with the addition of retinol in the evening plus vitamin B if suffering dehydration. At this stage, the skin will most likely be asking for a morning dose of anti-oxidants (Vitamin C) to brighten and fight pigmentation.”

“Facials become a little more regular and target the increased depletion of collagen we experience at this age. As always, every (new) client starts with my signature facial so I can get to know the skin and customise an ongoing treatment plan. From here, this age group will likely move into laser for collagen regeneration and we introduce treatments such as skin needling (perfect for rectifying acne scars from the 20s!). Frequent LED lights and the Byonik Laser Facial is a perfect choice here also.”

“Of course, we keep it smart and simple for the boys. Active, effective skin regimes that maintain masculinity and promote long term skin health with minimal investment of time.”

Representing the 40s is none other than Francine herself.

“Come the 40s we really start to ramp it up! Upon assessment of skin integrity and animation, injectables are now introduced to all necessary areas with popular targets including the jaw line and marionette lines. We start to assess and treat for chin projection, cheek elevation, cheek highlights and nose correction,” says Francine. (Did you know our nose continues to grow as we get older?!).

“Skincare also gets a solid boost. This age bracket is typically accustomed to retinols, so we dial up the dosage and start to introduce de-pigmenting and brightening serums (to lift 20s and 30s acquired sun damage).”

“As always, every new client starts with MISS FRANC signature facial and then we work more with more regular skin needling and deep, deep facials such as Cosmelan and the Jessner Peel – treatments that will really bring lower layers to the surface, slothing them off for a bright new canvas. Laser Genesis is a definite go-to in this age bracket (applying heat beneath the skin and tricking the body into creating new collagen.”

And into the 50s.

“In the Fifties, we start to really boost the retinols, hyaluronic acid and B serums for ample hydration. High doses of peptides are introduced and we start to treat the neck, décolletage and also the hands – plumping with skin needling and laser to rid pigmentation and re-build collagen (sunscreen on the hands everyday please!). Classified a medical clinic, MISS FRANC clients are privileged with access to stronger doses of active skincare (such as the Synergie MD range) for more superior results.”

“Here, we steer clear of deep clean facials as pores are generally not harbouring as much bacteria. Why? Because generally speaking, the 50s demographic is not exposed to quite so many bacteria thriving environments (workplaces and so on). Rather, deep peels help to plump out those fine lines (a great option for those opposed to Botox and fillers).”

“On injectables, it becomes all about rebuilding structure and replacing volume with filler.”

MISS FRANC is now booked until mid-June. To secure your time with Francine, please head to our appointments page, here.

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