diy: the miss franc lip illusion

The symmetry and fullness of a MISS FRANC lip is something to be marvelled. It’s our signature and a treatment sought after by women across the country. And while there’s nothing like the real thing (baby), there are several quick fixes to create the illusion of that perfect pout between appointments. We chat with Australian Makeup Artist and loyal MISS FRANC client, Mikele Simone on how to manifest a MISS FRANC lip with the power of makeup.


Using a lip exfoliator before applying any lip product creates a smooth surface and avoids a dry and chapped look. Smoother lips look naturally fuller, so this will provide an instant plumping effect. My favourite is the La Mer - The Lip Polish.


Hydration is key for a smoother lip, and pre-makeup nourishment is always advised. This is my first step before starting on a face as it allows the lip balm or mask to infuse into the skin, essentially giving it a big ‘drink.’ Remember to pat away any residue before applying further lip products for max longevity. I love Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – it’s super rich and works almost instantly.


Next, apply a small amount of concealer and blend out over the natural lip line.

Concealer helps lipsticks show their true colour while hiding any imperfections and allows you to draw your liner in the desired shape without any distractions. Make sure you use a shade close to your natural skin tone. My go to concealer is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.


Using your desired shade, outline lips softly, just outside your natural lip line. For a poutier look, bring the liner slightly inward, to your natural lip lin on the outer corners and be sure to define the Cupid’s bow. I always go for a shade darker than the lipstick. This creates contrast and the illusion of fuller lips. Don’t fill in the whole lip!

I recommend the Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat lipliners – they’re waterproof and don’t smudge or feather into the lip lines.


Now it’s time for lipstick. Use a nude or lighter shade to really help lips look their fullest, most luscious selves. Dark shades make things look smaller. Apply starting right at the edge of your lip liner and fill right into the lip. I would avoid rubbing lips together once applied as this can smudge the liner!


To finish your lip illusion, gently pat some gloss only to the very centre of your lip. The shine will reflect light to instantly make lips look plump. I usually use clear as this does not interfere with the lipstick shade. You can’t look past Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Glass Slipper!


Apply a small amount of highlighter right above the Cupid’s bow for further light reflection and fullness. You can lightly apply all the way up to where your nose starts (along the 2 ridges from the Cupid’s bow) and be sure to blend well. I use a cream as it’s easier to blend and my go-to is the Chanel Baume Essentiel Multi-Use Glow Stick in Sculpting.

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