mf client profiles: samara weaving

The down to earth, infinitely beautiful actress chats Red Rock Deli chips and her ‘won’t leave home without’ beauty essentials.


MF: Where are you currently based?

SW: Los Angeles :)


MF: What do you miss about Australia?

SW: Red Rock Deli chips


MF: When home, we’re lucky enough to catch your beautiful face in-clinic! What is your favourite MISS FRANC service and why?

SW: Upon my recent visit to Australia, we did Laser Genesis and Skin Needling. Honestly … I do whatever MISS FRANC suggests! And I always look and feel great after. 


MF: A frequent traveller, what are some pre, mid and post-flight beauty hacks/tips to sustain skin and maintain hydration?

SW: I have dry skin, so I board any long-haul flights with a freshly cleansed, makeup-free complexion. I pre-apply more moisturiser than usual and drink a lot, a lot (a lot!) of water. 


MF: Beauty essential you never leave home without.

SWL Lip tint, mints, and a mini perfume.


MF: What does your AM skin routine look like?

I cleanse, apply a serum (or two) followed by moisturiser and sunscreen. I’ll use my Nuface if I’m feeling tired, and when I’m headed to an event (and time permits), I’ll use my Celluma light therapy mask. 


MF: Project you’re currently working on and the character you play. When does it release?

SW: I worked with my husband on his movie ‘Borderline’ playing a 90s pop star. I think it’s coming out this year sometime. TBD! 


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