how to: save skin from in-flight dehydration

It’s no secret long-haul flights cause serious skin dehydration. Why? Because dry air seeks moisture wherever it can find it, which means it will pull it directly from your skin … and who wants to arrive at that boujee European destination with a fatigued complexion?

Here, MISS FRANC divulges her top tips to retaining that mid-air moisture.

1. Layer a Hydrating Serum and Toner Pre-Flight

Given the drying cabin environment, it’s important to load up on hydration before you fly. One way to do this is through a unique product layering technique. After cleansing, pat-apply a hydrating toner all over the face, repeat twice more, follow with a layer of serum and then apply two more layers of toner over the top. Finally, a generous layer of sunscreen to lock it all in (and repel incidental UV exposure).

2. Apply a Face Oil Every Hour

Applying a few drops of well-formulated face oil every hour during your flight will dramatically help your skin retain moisture. An oil, applied as the last step in your routine, acts as a preventative barrier to keep the moisture that’s deep within the skin from evaporating through the surface.

Note: Applying a face oil over sunscreen can interfere with its protection. MISS FRANC suggests reserving this trick for longer international or night-time flights. After all, sun exposure is worse than some minor surface dehydration.

3. Wear Sunscreen

Not only will sunscreen lock hydration from the toner and serum into your skin, but it will protect it from damaging UV rays (airplane windows don’t filter them out!). Remember, even though you’re not in direct sunlight, you’re still being exposed to UV rays.

4. Sit in a Window Seat So You Can Control the Shade

Flying is the perfect example of incidental sun exposure. When you’re in a plane, you’re 30,000 feet closer to the sun. In fact, pilots have a higher risk of developing skin cancer since airplane windshields only filter out about 50% of UVA rays. It’s these UV rays that are responsible for damage to cell DNA, which is what leads to premature wrinkles, brown spots, and other visible signs of aging. So, secure you window seat and the control to close the shade and protect your skin. It may seem like a minor thing, but it can make a major difference, especially if you’re a frequent flyer!

5. Don’t use a Face Mist!

This is a no-no, for sure! In fact, it’s one of the worst things you can do for your skin. Why? As we’ve established, the air is incredibly dry and will look for water wherever it can find it. When you spray your skin with a hydrating face mist (without layering anything over top to lock hydration in), you’re basically asking the air to draw water out of your skin. The result? Even drier skin than before.

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HOW TO: Save Skin from In-Flight Dehydration
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