how to: marie kondo your skincare

In most cases, less is more when it comes to your daily skincare regime. Here, MISS FRANC recommends the best formulas for multiple skin types, and from there, you can decide which bring the most joy and thank those that don’t, before setting them free.


“If you suffer from dry skin, you’ll want to add products to your routine that are deeply hydrating,” recommends MISS FRANC. And, make sure to have at least one that’ll exfoliate away dead skin cells. “Consider tossing any products with harsh ingredients, particularly certain alcohols that can be very drying, including SD alcohol 40, denatured alcohol, ethanol, and isopropyl alcohol.” Although, not all alcohols are the same. “A few beneficial alcohols commonly used in skincare are retinol, cetyl alcohol, and oleyl alcohol.” Lastly, choose a gentle, creamy (non-sulfate based) cleanser,” says Fran. Love a serum? “OPt for those that contain lactic acid – a skin-smoothing, moisture barrier-repairing exfoliant, which makes it great for dry skin.”


“Avoid using harsh, acne-focused cleansers,” advises Francine, unless a dermatologist recommends a specific product. “Many—not all—acne cleansers are loaded up with harsh detergents and strong ingredients. Instead, try antiseptic exfoliating gel cleanser to decongest your pores while still nourishing your skin, it offers anti-inflammatory benefits for soothing acne conditions.” Toning is an important step here: Choose an alcohol-free formula to deeply hydrate your skin, while cleaning out your pores,” Fran advises. Lastly, add a hydrating and smoothing moisturiser to your routine. “Many people who are acne-prone worry that using a moisturiser will cause them further breakouts, but this is a step in your routine you absolutely cannot skip,” says Fran. This disrupts your skin’s ideal water levels, and the dehydration process stimulates more oil production, potentially causing more breakouts (as it encourages the formation of bacteria and the build-up of dead cells within the pores).”


“It’s important to treat combination skin correctly,” says Francine. “That way, you can keep it clear, balanced, and healthy-looking with fewer visible lines, wrinkles, and breakouts.” The best serum formula is one combining gentle exfoliation and soothing hydration. “Consider a brightening and firming mask, weekly, to deliver antioxidants and nourishing botanicals,” suggests Fran. Using an exfoliant beforehand will help to remove build-up and allow greater skin penetration for maximum results.

MISS FRANC is home to a select range of professional skincare driven by clean science and maximum results. Considering a new skincare regime? Stop by the clinic for your personal product prescription.

HOW TO: Marie Kondo your Skincare
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