Facial and Skin Treatments in your 40’s

As you enter your forties you will start to notice plenty of changes on your skin. Although we can’t avoid getting older, we should not be too hard on ourselves and the way our bodies naturally change. The sad news is, expression lines between our brows, around our eyes and mouth, are not as discrete as in our 30’s. With the decline of estrogen levels our skin becomes drier and the neck and décolletage may start to appear droopy.


Christina’s main concern is the influx of hormonal blemishes and imperfections especially around the jaw line and chin area. Darker pigmentation and spots have set in on her cheekbones and around her temples. Like many women, these were ‘set off’ by pregnancy and for Christina who has four children; it developed after her first child and has since lightened, but patches have remained.


Of course there are the fine lines around the eyes that have decided to take up residence, rather make an animated appearance. "There are also the advanced signs of ageing starting to kick in, such as the deeper lines beside my mouth from my nose” states Christina. Gravity also taking hold of most things in our 40’s, my jowls and turkey neck making its way south.


“These changes really have me taking care of my skin more and more” states Christina. With the slow loss of hydration and elasticity, it is vital to be using serums and any other skin care that is targeted to your age groups skin type.


The main difference in this decade is that the skin doesn’t bounce back as quickly as it once did. Therefore, an upgraded commitment to daily skin care and monthly treatments must be followed through. With kids at school and a career back in place, now is the time to look after you.


“Rather than obsessing on the outside,  focus on creating inner balance”


By this stage, we know how to care for our skin. We may have fallen off the wagon for a few years in the midst of relationship(s), kids and careers but there is no more time for excuses. This is the time to search for great ingredients that will firm the skin.


My favourite two for this age group would have to be:

Vitamin A – Rejuvenate.

Peptides – Anti ageing powerhouse.

Vitamin A and peptides combined, create a powerhouse for anti-ageing. Together, these are a must have for skin health. These 'gems' help protect the skin against free-radicals and boost collagen. With consistency, these two really have proven results.


Skin care:


Step 1. Cleanser – your anti-ageing regime starts with your cleanser. Your skin should always feel nourished from the minute you cleanse. It should never deplete your skin of its natural oils. Do not use skin care that has mineral oils, petrolatum or high in dimethicone as it acts as an occlusive barrier on the skin, which stops toxins from being expelled or nutrients being absorbed.

Step 2. Tone – This may by an added option if you are finding your T-Zone remains oily or are experiencing breakouts from hormonal changes. This restores the PH balance of the skin. Our skin is naturally acidic; by cleansing we disturb the natural PH of the skin making it alkalize. When this happens, our skin is forced to work overtime, thus causing more oil production or further irritating dry and sensitised skins. Avoid using a toner over the cheeks as this area tends to be dryer than the rest of the face.

Step 3. Moisturise – in our 40’s collagen fibres start to stiffen and break down causing crevices and furrows in the skin. The key is to stock up on hydrating oil based skin care. Applying your Vitamin A creams at night can aid in reducing superficial dark spots by causing a chemical exfoliation which reproduces collagen. This helps to thicken the epidermis. When physically exfoliating two to three times weekly, be sure to use gentle oil based exfoliants with micro-beads to remove the build up of dead skin cells, which may sometimes be the cause of that dull and greying appearance to your skin.

Step 4. Eye cream – Time to call in the big guns when it comes to eye creams. Choose eye creams which contain peptides, it will give the skin around the eyes a much-needed boost of collagen. Your choices would be between eye gels, creams and balms depending on what feels better on your skin. My suggestion would be to stick with a cream or a balm for added hydration.


If you have managed to escape the main signs of ageing from your olive complexion or inherent genes up to this point, here is where you will start to notice a change. Considering your premenopausal state and the changes in your skin.


Here are the 4 golden rules you need to follow to put your best skin forward in your 40’s:


Rule 1. Hydrate: Select a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acids (HA), which will draw water to your skin. Facial masks once a week after exfoliating is a good idea for added hydration to support the skin in our 40’s. Follow your daily routine with a serum containing peptides, which helps stimulate the function of HA and a moisturiser over the top.

Rule 2. Brighten: Our cell turnover slows down as from our 30’s. So exfoliating regularly and having fortnightly enzyme peels and hydrating treatments can greatly improve your complexion by removing the top layer of the skin. This will create a smooth and even tone. I do not believe that you need to be using chemical exfoliations with glycolic acids or AHA’s daily to achieve brightening of the skin. Remembering that a depletion of your natural oils through acids can cause inflammation to the skin, which in time cause’s pre-mature ageing and a sensitised complexion.

Rule 3. Protect: We cannot hide the fact that for most of us the visible damage has well and truly made itself known from years of sun exposure, stress and bad lifestyle habits. This is why we need to protect our skin now more than ever as it gets thinner and more susceptible to UV rays than in our 20’s and 30’s. Apply sunscreen 30mins before leaving the house to allow penetration and always reapply every 2 hours when outdoors. Many skin care products contain sunscreen, but it is advised that you to use a moisturiser separately which allows deeper penetration to nourish the skin and a 50+SPF to the face, neck and décolletage for superficial protection against signs of ‘ageing’ (UVA) rays and from 'burning' (UVB) rays.

Rule 4. Reduce the amount of makeup applied. Wearing heavy thick makeup will often settle into fine lines and remove the luminosity from your skin. Look for sheer liquid formulas or BB creams and avoid the mattifying your complexion.



If you haven’t had one since your late 20’s then its time to start making your way in to get some much needed TLC. Your skin would be craving a facial by now. Facials do not need to be fancy, they just need to do the job by correcting your skin concerns in a slow but effective way personalised to your needs. By this I mean, there is no need to use invasive treatments such as dermabrasion, acids peels and ablative lasers to make up for lost time. It took 40 years to create the damage you see now, so do not expect it to see results overnight.



Photo-rejuvenation treatments will address your concerns with age spots, redness and small broken capillaries (like the ones around the nose and on the cheeks) in as few as three to five treatments. With the technology advancing so rapidly, IPL is being used more commonly in every age group with little to no downtime.


Non-Surgical Treatments

Embrace the ageing process and know that with the added help of anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers you can now feel refreshed and gain some confidence back without major changes in your appearance. As we age, our bone structure recedes, our fat pads migrate (south) and our collagen and elastin depletes which cause a deflation in volume. The main concern areas are, hollowing of the temples, drop in cheeks, hollowing under the eyes, vertical lip lines and those dreaded jowls. Despite what you may have seen on the streets or in magazines, subtle injectable treatments can make a very natural difference to your face without anyone else noticing other than you!


Beauty at 40 should be seen as a sensual experience, and we should be focusing on how we feel inside rather than how we look on the outside. After all, how we feel inside reflects how we see ourselves on the outside.


Please learn more about our recommended treatments in your 40's.



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