Facial and Skin Treatments in your 30’s

Why didn’t I listen to my mother? I am now an adult and clearly in the industry but kicking myself for not making changes earlier. Time is catching up with me and I am finding that I can no longer carry out my bad habits and hope for the best.


Despite the stressors of marriage, kids and careers some of us experience in our 30’s, your skin will still look pretty good in this decade. However, if you smoke, drink, party or sunbathe excessively, then ageing would be making itself known to you right now. Needless to say, thinning of the skin, dappled pigmentation and fine lines, makes this decade have a huge impact on our skin.


“It is time to stop relying on genetics and start taking some serious action.”


Each woman is unique and so are her skin concerns. Unfortunately though, there are natural processes which occur when we hit our 30’s, such as our cell turnover, which starts to decline. Our cell turnover naturally occurs every 35 days, as opposed to every 14 days in our 20’s…yikes! At 30, our collagen production starts to slow down, which is the cause of those fine lines making their debut (unlike our bodies), our skin begins to thin out. Now pigmentation can be a tricky one, as it can be caused by sun exposure or that dreaded cluster of pigment (aka the mask of pregnancy that can also be caused by birth control).


It is a good idea to start introducing active ingredients in our skin care as we hit our 30’s and my 'top 3 must haves' would be vitamins A, C & E.


These three are essential for skin health. They help protect the skin, boost collagen and promote cell turnover. We can show you the power of these three skin essentials, when used correctly at the Francine Ithier clinic.

Vitamin A – Regenerate.

Vitamin C – Firm.

Vitamin E – Renew.


It’s now time to take some serious action and by this I mean – consistency with skin care is key.


Skin Care:


Step 1. Cleanser: women and men in their 30’s now need a little more hydration in their cleansers. I strongly advise that you steer away from harsh cleansers that strip the skin of moisture (bear in mind that oil attracts oil). If your skin feels tight and dry straight after you have cleansed, then chances are you are using a gel or foam which is stripping away at your natural oil barrier. Find a more nourishing cleanser such as a milk, cream or oil cleanser.

Step 2. Tone: To tone or not to tone… A lot of people miss this step as they find it does nothing for their skin or they simply do not understand the reasons why. Toners can be very helpful to those who have an oily skin type or are acne prone. The primary role of a toner is to restore the PH balance of the skin. Our skin is naturally acidic. By cleansing, we disturb the natural PH of the skin making it alkaline. When this happens, our skin is forced to work overtime thus causing more oil production, or further irritating dry and sensitised skin.

Step 3. Moisturiser: Before applying sunscreen, invest in an antioxidant rich serum and/or moisturiser. Serums are so important in your 30’s and so are oil based (biomimetic) moisturisers. Application of both along with a sunscreen over the top, acts synergistically to help protect against photo-damage and may even restore some of the visible damage.


Rule 1. Always cleanse twice in the evening to remove firstly, make-up and then to remove grime and pollutants using gentle cleansers, leaving your skin hydrated and not squeaky clean from dehydration, which is not normal.

Rule 2. Reapply sunscreen throughout the day if you are swimming or consistantly sweating when outdoors. Prevention is better than cure, right? So be sure to use a sunscreen that is labelled as 'broad spectrum'. You are not only protecting yourself from skin cancer, but you are preventing the signs of ‘ageing’ (UVA rays) and from 'burning' (UVB rays).

Rule 3. Exfoliate two to three times weekly to remove dead skin cells from the epidermis (skins surface), leaving more room for living skin cells to move up from the dermis (the layer underneath). This can leave the skin looking brighter in tone and smoother in texture. If you have very dry or sensitised skin, STOP! Refrain from using exfoliants until your skin is rebalanced. Appropriate treatments coming soon, so 'watch this space'.



Life grabs hold and we are sent into a frenzy in our 30’s, however,  this is no excuse to give up on ourselves because of the husband, kids or career. Two hours every month for a facial or laser treatment is all you need to maintain and slow down the signs of ageing. Book an appointment with one of our skin specialists for a personalised consultation to address your skin concerns.



Perfect time to start correcting those dark spots and redness  from sun damage. IPL is a great option to address these concerns. Dark spots may get darker for a few days after treatment, then flake off. Very little downtime otherwise.


Non-surgical treatments

This is the age where most women will start to think about having an anti-wrinkle treatment to address those dynamic lines - the ones that appear when you animate. A combination of both muscle relaxants and dermal fillers can make subtle changes to your appearance by supporting your natural beauty. Consultation and education with a trained Cosmetic Injector will indicate which treatment would best suit your natural beauty. ‘Commit’ and be ‘consistent’. Remember to take a proactive approach to your skin both inside and out because what goes in, eventually comes out and this usually starts in our 30’s.


Please learn more about our recommended treatments in your 30's.


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