Facial and Skin Treatments in your 50’s

Nadia is a mother who has always been a busy career woman. She has never really had the time to spend long vacations at the beach baking herself slathered in coconut oil.


Yet with her gene pool of Irish and French descent, it’s probably a good thing that she has focused on her career rather than her tan. Being fair skinned with freckles having grown up on a tropical Island meant that she had to be careful in the sun.


Migrating to Australia and being exposed to our harsh environment meant that she needed to start using sunscreen daily. In spirit, 50’s can be the new 30’s but the ageing process of the skin waits for no one! All of a sudden it is in overdrive. Loss of tone, hollow eyes and sagging are your biggest issues. “The hollowing under my eyes make me look and feel tired all the time”, states Nadia. “My pigment has become darker and has come together in clusters particularly on my cheeks”.


Don’t even think about giving up on skin care right now! Similar rules apply to our 50’s as they did in our 40’s by adding moisture to the skin, boosting our collagen and never forgetting to apply sunscreen. The shift in skin care now means that we need to add other active ingredients such as growth factors.


Growth factors are known to strengthen and repair aging skin and protect from further damage. Be sure you research what you are buying because not all growth factors have the same potency and delivery system. Pharmaceutical products (purchased from a medical clinic) are more superior to a cosmeceutical product (in a chemist or supermarket) due to the potency of active ingredients. Peptides that contain active ingredients such a specialised DNA-repairing enzymes, retinol and antioxidants work all day and all night to tidy up pigmentation and minimise UV oxidation damage whilst restoring skin function and elasticity.


‘It is easy to be beautiful; it is difficult to appear so” – Frank O’Hara

Skin Care:


Step 1. Cleanser – Try to skip washing your face in the morning – assuming it was cleansed before bed the night before. This will allow your skin to retain moisture throughout the day. Many studies have shown that inflammation accelerates the ageing process. All the more reason not to use acid based cleansers. Using a nourishing cream or oil cleanser is strongly recommended to avoid further inflammation.

Step 2. Toner - Skip the toner and go straight to a serum which will calm down any inflammation in the skin. This is where your peptides play a major role. Remembering to find a peptide with the added ingredients of retinol, antioxidants and DNA-repairing enzymes.

Step 3. Moisturise – Menopause greatly reduces sebum production. So the key is to prevent further dehydrated and dry skin. Look for a cream which will nourish and protect the skin from the environment. Hyaluronic acid is a fantastic ingredient to look out for when selecting a product.

Step 4. Sunscreen – Choose a sunscreen with a rich oil base, or if your skin is particularly dry, mix a drop of rosehip oil and smooth over face, taking it down to the neck and décolletage. Daily sun protection helps stop the underlying sun damage lurking beneath the skin from resurfacing.


Rule 1. Eat a lots more green leafy vegetables and fruit. For some if us, however, red wine and chocolate is a daily must and that’s ok. But having these in moderation, may just be what we need to neutralise free radicals which damage our cells, clog our arteries, cause chronic illness and ageing.

Rule 2. Look out for ingredients that contain vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, E (most common), Zinc and Selenium.

Rule 3. Stop using aggressive skin care, acid peels and ablative lasers as our dermal tissues thin out, facial muscle loosens, over-exfoliation can actually do more damage than good. Think TLC!



The key to maximising the beauty and health of your skin is medical-grade skincare. Would you like to have brighter and even tone skin? If you suffer from discolouration, our speciality facial can effectively target hyperpigmentation. Try our “Brighten” facial.



IPL/Photorejuvenation treatments will address your concerns with age spots, redness and small broken capillaries (like the ones around the nose and on the cheeks) in as few as three to five treatments. With the technology advancing so rapidly, IPL is being used more commonly these days in every age group with little to no downtime.


Non-Surgical Treatments

Each woman will have specific areas on their face which concern them, but by the time they reach 50 the general signs of ageing manifest themselves on their faces. Women over the age of 50 can appear to have more wrinkled skin than no wrinkled skin, whilst it is impossible to correct sagging skin without a surgical procedure such as a facelift, it is however, possible to achieve great results with a “liquid facelift” which will help to restore volume and eliminate folds and hollows for a more youthful appearance. 50’s is the new 40’s! We know exactly who we are, what we want and who we want to spend our spare time with. So ease up on yourself and enjoy the ride.


Please learn more about our recommended treatments in your 50's.


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